Organ donation after euthanasia in the Netherlands: valuable or costly?
M. Kuiper. Neth J Crit Care May 2022;30(3): 86 - 87
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Organ donation after euthanasia in the Netherlands
J. Bollen, R. ten Hoopen, D. Ysebaert, W.E. van Heurn, W. van Mook. Neth J Crit Care May 2022;30(3): 88 - 93
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Potential pandemic pathogens series: Nipah virus
S. Evers, C. Nederstigt, J. van Paassen, D.J. van Westerloo. Neth J Crit Care May 2022;30(3): 94 -
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Original articles
Frequent CRRT circuit failure in COVID-19: observations of a novel anticoagulation approach
H. de Lau, S.M. Kilian, M.S. Vink, G. Middelaar, A. Dooms, E.A. Vlot, A.J. Meinders. Neth J Crit Care May 2022;30(3): 99 - 102
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Case Reports
Postoperative graft spasm after coronary artery bypass surgery in a patient with hyperparathyroidism
M. van Schelt, S. Rigter, H.S. Moeniralam. Neth J Crit Care May 2022;30(3): 103 - 106
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Rescue plasmapheresis for massive shear stress-induced haemolysis following paravalvular leak closure
T. Couck, W. Budts, K. Claes, P. De Meester, C. Vandenbriele. Neth J Crit Care May 2022;30(3): 108 - 110
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Voriconazole for pulmonary aspergillosis: a case report underlining the necessity of drug monitoring
F. van Gorp, A.L.M. Vlek, C.M. Pleizier, L.E.M. Haas. Neth J Crit Care May 2022;30(3): 111 - 113
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Complete Journal
Complete journal
. Neth J Crit Care May 2022;30(3): 85 - 117
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