Deciding on ICU admission
E. de Jonge. Neth J Crit Care November 2021;29(6): 236 - 237
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Original articles
Comparing the Dutch ICU triage guidelines to guidelines from abroad: differences and similarities
I.L. Abma, G.J. Olthuis, A.J.M. Oerlemans. Neth J Crit Care November 2021;29(6): 238 - 245
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Case Reports
A rare case of auto-intoxication with an antidote: fampridine
S. Roerhorst, M. Leembruggen-Vellinga, M. Butterhoff-Terlingen, J. Heidt. Neth J Crit Care November 2021;29(6): 254 - 256
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A subarachnoid haemorrhage heralding bacterial endocarditis
A. Klijn, L. Valk, J.A.H. van Oers. Neth J Crit Care November 2021;29(6): 258 - 261
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Development of a research agenda for critical care medicine in the Netherlands: the time is now
N.P. Juffermans, L. Heunks, P. Pickkers, A.J.C. Slooter, P. Hemelaar, M. van der Jagt, M. Brackel, L. Vloet, D. Gommers. Neth J Crit Care November 2021;29(6): 246 - 252
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. Neth J Crit Care November 2021;29(6): 236 - 266
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