The use of high flow oxygen therapy (Optiflow®) in critically ill patients: a pragmatic review
H. Endeman, E. Terstappen, D.A.M.P.J. Gommers. Neth J Crit Care November 2019;27(6): 225 - 8
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Original articles
Predicting ARDS in critically ill patients: Creating a new score
G. Hamed, S. Fawzy, K. Taema, M. El-Hady. Neth J Crit Care November 2019;27(6): 229 - 233
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Intra-arterial thrombolysis: Is ICU admission necessary?
J.A. Domburg, D. van de Vondervoort, I.F.J. Tielliu, M. Smit. Neth J Crit Care November 2019;27(6): 236 - 239
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Case Reports
A complicated course after endovascular repair of an arteria lusoria aneurysm
M. van Lieshout, J.A.J.M. Hermens. Neth J Crit Care November 2019;27(6): 242 - 5
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Massive rhabdomyolysis due to corticosteroids and muscle blocking agents, proven by rechallenge
V.L. Schouten, J.I. van der Spoel. Neth J Crit Care November 2019;27(6): 246 - 8
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Photo quiz Case
The brain has returned at ease, not suspecting another disaster
W.M. van den Bergh. Neth J Crit Care November 2019;27(6): 241
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