ICU aftercare, doing the right thing, the wrong way?
M.C. Kerckhoffs. Neth J Crit Care September 2019;5(5): 184 - 5
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Psychopathology after admission to the intensive care unit
L. Kok, I.W. Soliman, D. van Dijk. Neth J Crit Care September 2019;5(5): 186 - 9
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Original articles
Post-ICU care after a long intensive care admission: a Dutch inventory study
M.M.C. Hendriks, F.A.M. Janssen, M.E. te Pas, I.H.J.M. Kox, P.J.E.J. van de Berg, M.P. Buise, A.J.R. de Bie. Neth J Crit Care September 2019;5(5): 190 - 5
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POCUS series: The use of velocity time integral in assessing cardiac output and fluid responsiveness
J.E. López Matta, C.V. Elzo Kraemer, P.R. Tuinman, D.J. van Westerloo. Neth J Crit Care September 2019;5(5): 196 - 8
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Case Reports
New Year’s Eve - an unintentional oral cocaine intoxication in an octogenarian
R.M. van der Ende, D.P. Vissers, A.C. Ledeboer, R. Peters. Neth J Crit Care September 2019;5(5): 200 - 03
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Fatal, progressive dyspnoea with an unusual cause
T. Veneman, N. Josephus Jitta. Neth J Crit Care September 2019;5(5): 204 06
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The clinical approach to a patient with suspected autoimmune encephalitis
M.H. Lokhorst1, C. Erkelens2, P.J. van Laar3,7, W.F.A. den Dunnen4, M.J. Titulaer5, C. Bethlehem6. Neth J Crit Care September 2019;5(5): 207 - 11
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Photo quiz Case
A large liver lesion
K.R. Beukema, W.J.B. Mastboom, N.G. Venneman, A.D. Cornet. Neth J Crit Care September 2019;5(5): 199
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