Do quality indicators for antibiotic use lack quality?
B.H.J. Wittekamp. Neth J Crit Care November 2018;26(6): 213
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Original articles
Adherence to recommended care for antibiotic use in ICU patients: a retrospective case record study
B.M.H.E. Wollersheim, M.C. Kallen, M.J. Roos-Blom, M.A.H. Berrevoets, G.A. Kalkman, M.E. Hulscher, J.A. Schouten. Neth J Crit Care November 2018;26(6): 215
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Case Reports
Bacillus cereus bacteraemia and cerebral lesions in two patients with haematological malignancies
R. De Medts, E. Kolwijck, M.F. Corsten, B. Gòraj, J. Schouten. Neth J Crit Care November 2018;26(6): 230
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Haemolysis and multiorgan failure after ingestion of hydrochloric acid
E. van Belzen-Martens, T. Trenning, M. Groenendijk. Neth J Crit Care November 2018;26(6): 234
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Loss of brainstem reflexes: not always an ominous sign
V.L. Winia, J. Horn, B. van den Bogaard. Neth J Crit Care November 2018;26(6): 221
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The ABC of weaning failure – testosterone
Y. Gilleit, J.J.J.P.M. van de Leur, J. Meinardi. Neth J Crit Care November 2018;26(6): 225
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Photo quiz Case
A cool ECG
M.M. van Bemmel, M. Hoogeveen. Neth J Crit Care November 2018;26(6): 229
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Photo quiz Diagnosis
ECG in hypothermia
. Neth J Crit Care November 2018;26(6): 237
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‘Do I have a case …?’
D.W. Donker. Neth J Crit Care November 2018;26(6): 212
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