New insights for transfusion triggers in cardiac surgery
W.J. van Boven, H. Hermanns, N.P. Juffermans. Neth J Crit Care June 2015;21(3): 4-5
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Prolonged use of intravenous clonidine for sedation and analgesia in critically ill adult patients
M. Zeeman, H.L.A. van den Oever, M. Arbouw, J. van der Valk, C. Kramers. Neth J Crit Care June 2015;21(3): 6-13
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How to ventilate patients without ARDS?
F.D. Simonis, A. Braber, H.P. Gelissen, J. Heidt, J. Horn, G. Innemee, E. de Jonge, N.P. Juffermans, P.E. Spronk, P.R. Tuinman, M. Vriends, R.B. de Wilde, A. Serpa Neto, M. Gama de Abreu, P. Pelosi, M.J. Schultz. Neth J Crit Care June 2015;21(3): 14-8
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Case Reports
Upper arm amputation after radial arterial cannulation. What did we learn?
M.H. Kuut, T. Frenzel, J.G. van der Hoeven. Neth J Crit Care June 2015;21(3): 19-21
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Widespread herpes simplex virus type 1 infection on the back of a 79-year-old male patient with respiratory failure and ICU admission
Dominique C. Burgers - Bonthuis, Jan C. Pompe, Iringo E. Kovacs, Willeke A.M. Blokx, Patrick Sturm. Neth J Crit Care June 2015;21(3): 22-5
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Central venous catheter malposition mimicking an arterial waveform
R.P.J.W. Vromans, P.A.J. Keurlings, J.G. van der Hoeven. Neth J Crit Care June 2015;21(3): 26-7
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Clinical Image
Black oesophagus: a clinical pearl disclosed by autopsy
A.L. van den Boom, G. Eker, L. Dawson. Neth J Crit Care June 2015;21(3): 28-9
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A classical image of a rare entity
M.R. Groenendijk, N. Kool, H. Waanders, M.K. Liem, I. Bank. Neth J Crit Care June 2015;21(3): 30
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An update from the 35th Brussels ISICEM meeting
R. van den Berg, D.J. Versluis, L. Dawson, D. Pretorius, K. de Blok, P.E. Spronk. Neth J Crit Care June 2015;21(3): 31-5
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