Online manuscript submission and review system
A.B.J. Groeneveld. Neth J Crit Care April 2015;20(2): 4
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Cholesterol as an inflammatory marker: cheap but valuable?
E. Ewalds, P. Pickkers. Neth J Crit Care April 2015;20(2): 5
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Neuromonitoring of patients with severe traumatic brain injury at the bedside
M.J.H. Aries, J. van der Naalt, W.B. van den Bergh, M. van Dijk, J.W.J. Elting, M. Czosnyka, J.G. Regtien. Neth J Crit Care April 2015;20(2): 6-12
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Case Reports
Cholesterol in the ICU: a cheap and reliable marker for illness severity?
H.G. Kreeftenberg, A.N. Roos, A.J.G.H. Bindels, V. Scharnhorst. Neth J Crit Care April 2015;20(2): 17-20
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Unexplained high lactate levels after long bone fractures: consider cerebral fat embolism syndrome
R. van Vugt, B.P. Ramakers, J.G. van der Hoeven. Neth J Crit Care April 2015;20(2): 21-5
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Ischaemic optic neuropathy in a blunt abdominal trauma patient with profound shock: a case report and concise review of possible risk factors
B.J. Snel, G.C. van Melsen. Neth J Crit Care April 2015;20(2): 26-8
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Coma after levetiracetam overdose
S.E. Vellinga, M. van der Jagt, N.G.M. Hunfeld. Neth J Crit Care April 2015;20(2): 29-32
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Performance of intensive care units, we all want to know!
E. de Jonge. Neth J Crit Care April 2015;20(2): 13-4
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Transparency yes, public access to outcome data no
P. Bijlstra. Neth J Crit Care April 2015;20(2): 15-6
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