The pathogenesis of transfusion-related acute lung injury in critically ill patients
NP Juffermans, APJ Vlaar, MM Zweers, MJ Schultz. Neth J Crit Care December 2007;11(6): 302-5
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Ventilator induced lung injury
JJ Spijkstra, H Biermann, DG Markhorst. Neth J Crit Care December 2007;11(6): 297-301
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Case Reports
Respiratory failure, rapidly progressive paralysis and an abnormal computed chest radiograph: acute disseminated encephalomyelitis
CJ Gowrising, TS van der Werf, RJ Meijer, JJM Meertens, JG Zijlstra. Neth J Crit Care December 2007;11(6): 306-8
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Treatment of metformin-induced lactic acidosis
EA Verrij, AMJ Wassink, VHM Deneer, O de Weerdt, ABM Geers. Neth J Crit Care December 2007;11(6): 309-11
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Tracheostomy on the intensive care unit for adult patients
BG Fikkers, in collaboration with the committee “Guidelines Tracheostomy” of the NVIC, Drs. P. Breedveld, D Dongelmans, JG van der Hoeven, MJ Schultz, JJ Spijkstra, RJ de Wit. Neth J Crit Care December 2007;11(6): 324-8
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