Ongoing debate: The “Surviving Sepsis Campaign”, the ESICM and Eli Lilly
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How do I use venous saturations?
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Lung volume recruitment in acute respiratory failure in patients admitted to intensive care facilities
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Case Reports
An ordinary mosquito bite?
JHM van Ochten, M Wabbijn, YC Schrama, AP Rietveld, PW de Feiter. Neth J Crit Care June 2007;11(3): 149-50
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An unusual type of airway obstruction in a patient on home ventilation
DR van Bommel, JAL Hodge, JH Zwaveling. Neth J Crit Care June 2007;11(3): 145-6
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Radiographic conundrum: what is the cause of enlarged heart in this patient with Down’s syndrome?
JB de Jong, IJ Richardson, JE Tulleken, LPHJ Aarts. Neth J Crit Care June 2007;11(3): 151-2
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