Donation after cardiac death: an ethical balancing act?
MA Kuiper. Neth J Crit Care February 2008;12(1): 31
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Management of patients with severe acute pancreatitis in the new millennium: prophylaxis, nutrition, imaging and intervention
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Antibiotic Resistance in the ICU: Clinical and Cost Aspects
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Treatment of theophylline intoxication using continuous venovenous haemofiltration
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On the illegitimacy of Donation after Cardiac Death
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Case Reports
Intrapleural displacement of a nasogastric tube in an immuno-compromised patient
CP Pham, GS Hoogeveen, PJW Wensing, Th.F Veneman. Neth J Crit Care February 2008;12(1): 35-6
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Intensive Care and the News
PHJ van der Voort. Neth J Crit Care February 2008;12(1): 7-8
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Moving a hospital: Consequences for critical care services
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