Tight glucose control in the post-NICE SUGAR era
JC Preiser. Neth J Crit Care June 2009;13(3): 126-27
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Analgesia and sedation in the intensive care: a review and the results of a dutch survey
CA Birsak, J van Bommel, d Gommers, J Bakker. Neth J Crit Care June 2009;13(3): 132-38
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Case Reports
Sepsis and multi-organ failure in a patient infected with Pasteurella multocida
V van Bruggen, W Gielen, H Ponssen, A Voss, J Keijman. Neth J Crit Care June 2009;13(3): 139-41
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Tension pneumothorax after accidental aspiration
S Houtman, RA Bouwman, JW Coumou, A Vonk Noordegraaf, RM Breukers. Neth J Crit Care June 2009;13(3): 142-44
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Respiratory failure and septic shock after a secondarily infected retroperitoneal haematoma: a late life-threatening complication of extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy
C Slagt, SD Bakker, RJM Strack van Schijndel. Neth J Crit Care June 2009;13(3): 145-47
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Management of severe sepsis and septic shock in the emergency department: current practice in the Netherlands
MI Gaakeer, JM van Lieshout, CD Hugelmeyer, ARH van Zanten. Neth J Crit Care June 2009;13(3): 128-31
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