The value of a national journal of intensive care
ABJ Groeneveld. Neth J Crit Care October 2010;14(5): 307
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Glutamine supplementation in the critically ill– an update on translational research
MAR Vermeulen, MFM van Stijn, MJ Vaessen, GC Ligthart-Melis, APJ Houdijk. Neth J Crit Care October 2010;14(5): 318-23
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Bedside assessment of pulmonary endothelial function
SE Orfanos,  Korovesi,  K Kaziani, Ch Athanasiou. Neth J Crit Care October 2010;14(5): 324-9
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Case Reports
A previously healthy 45-year-old male with respiratory insufficiency caused by H1N1 pneumonitis
J Alsma, RN van Rossem, LC Smeets, IA Meynaar. Neth J Crit Care October 2010;14(5): 338-42
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Late fatal bleeding after percutaneous dilatational tracheostomy
O Hoiting, JMD van den Brule, PH van Zwam, CA Hulsbergen-vande Kaa, BG Fikkers. Neth J Crit Care October 2010;14(5): 335-7
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Consumption of ICU resources by long-stay patients does not change overtime: 9-year observation in a teaching hospital in the Netherlands
AF Schoffelen, JGM Hofhuis, D Posthouwer, JH Rommes, PE Spronk. Neth J Crit Care October 2010;14(5): 313-17
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Pilot study on the effect of high dose dexamethasone on the sublingual micro circulatory flow in emergency admissions to intensive care
Y Hazewinkel, HM Oudemans-van Straaten, R van Raalte, DF Zandstra, PHJ van der Voort. Neth J Crit Care October 2010;14(5): 308-12
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