New diagnostic tools for acute kidney injury in critically ill patients
S Heemskerk, P Pickkers. Neth J Crit Care April 2011;15(2): 59-60
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Acute Kidney Injury on the Intensive Care Unit: The Use of Transjugular Renal Biopsy in aiding Diagnosis
MM Javaid, M Johnston, N Kalsi, RM Venn, LG Forni. Neth J Crit Care April 2011;15(2): 61-65
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Physiotherapy in the intensive care unit
R Gosselink, B Clerckx, C Robbeets, T Vanhullebusch, G Vanpee, J Segers. Neth J Crit Care April 2011;15(2): 66-75
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Case Reports
Endovascular cooling for neuroleptic malignant syndrome; a case report
A Dijkstra, AHM Knook, JL Epker, J Bakker. Neth J Crit Care April 2011;15(2): 81-83
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Use of terlipressin in amitriptylin overdose
DLJ Moolenaar, BM van der Oord, A Manten. Neth J Crit Care April 2011;15(2): 76-80
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A patient with the Austrian syndrome
RJ de Haas, J Kruik, AEL van Golde, TFFraatz, B Mulder, THF Veneman. Neth J Crit Care April 2011;15(2): 84-86
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Clinical Image
Complication after weight-reducing surgery
KS Arnold, JG Zijlstra. Neth J Crit Care April 2011;15(2): 87-88
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