Why is it so difficult to prove that rapid response systems improve patient outcome? directions for further research
F Simmes, L schoonhoven, J Mintjes, BG Fikkers, JG van der Hoeven. Neth J Crit Care December 2012;16(6): 195-99
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Treatment of the delirious critically ill patient
MMJ van Eijk. Neth J Crit Care December 2012;16(6): 200-10
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Case Reports
Coughing after drinking
A.J. Kalsbeek, W. Kelder, P.C. Baas, M. Scheer. Neth J Crit Care December 2012;16(6): 223
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“Dressed” to kill: fatal case report of drug rash with eosinophilia and systemic symptoms
IC Kouwenberg, R Koot, J van de Horst, HJ van Leeuwen. Neth J Crit Care December 2012;16(6): 216-22
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Clinical Image
Traumatic pneumatoceles
S Houtman, R Janssen. Neth J Crit Care December 2012;16(6): 224-28
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Summary of hot topics session, European society of intensive care Medicine
M van der Jagt. Neth J Crit Care December 2012;16(6): 211-15
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