A new section for the journal: imaging Ultrasound as an indispensable tool for the intensive Care Physician: the RACE+ course in the Netherlands
MJ. Blans, JMD van den Brule, WK Lagrand, REHJ Sentjens, JG van der Hoeven. Neth J Crit Care June 2012;16(3): 75-76
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Leptospirosis: an underrecognized and underdiagnosed disease
J ten oever, P Pickkers. Neth J Crit Care June 2012;16(3): 77-78
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Potential clinical applications of variable ventilation
T Kiss, T Koch, M Gama de Abreu. Neth J Crit Care June 2012;16(3): 79-83
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Alcohol withdrawal and delirium in the intensive care unit
M Paupers*, A Schiemann, CD Spies. Neth J Crit Care June 2012;16(3): 84-92
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Case Reports
Anticholinergic toxicity after the ingestion of serotonergic ‘magic mushrooms’
J Aleman, M Crul, PHJ van der Voort, EJF Franssen. Neth J Crit Care June 2012;16(3): 93-96
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Thrombolysis in a mechanically ventilated patient with haemodynamically stable acute pulmonary embolism and a patent foramen ovale
JJ arends, w Zondag, s osanto, mv Huisman. Neth J Crit Care June 2012;16(3): 97-100
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A fatal case of leptospirosis
RS van Leeuwaarde, JH rommes, GS Madretsma, R Kornegoor, EF Weltevreden, BC van Hees, PE Spronk. Neth J Crit Care June 2012;16(3): 101-4
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Clinical Image
Take the line of least resistance
B de Jong, M van der Steen, DHT Tjan, ARH van Zanten. Neth J Crit Care June 2012;16(3): 105
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