Fluid management in acute lung injury and ARDS
GS Martin. Neth J Crit Care February 2012;16(1): 12-18
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Systemic consequences of neurological catastrophes at the ICU: focus on aneurysmal subarachnoid haemorrhage
AFC Schut, IAC van der Bilt, M van der Jagt. Neth J Crit Care February 2012;16(1): 6-11
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Case Reports
Delayed haemoptysis following acute pancreatitis
S Rohilla, N Jain, RK Yadav, DB Dhaulakhandi. Neth J Crit Care February 2012;16(1): 19-21
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Tube obstruction after surgery in a prone position
MMA Raets, JM Bosman-Vermeeren, BJ Gesink-van der Veer. Neth J Crit Care February 2012;16(1): 26-28
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Critical illness after horizontal nosocomial transmission of human metapneumovirus in the haematology ward
NM van Dijk, CFM Linssen, M Bussink, LFR Span, WNKA van Mook. Neth J Crit Care February 2012;16(1): 22-25
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Clinical Image
Computed tomography to detect acute myocardial infarction
PA Katinakis, P Knaapen, M de Gast, ARJ Girbes. Neth J Crit Care February 2012;16(1): 29-30
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