Pericardial effusion: to drain or not to drain?
W.K. Lagrand, J.A.P. van der Sloot. Neth J Crit Care February 2013;17(1): 3-4
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The SSEP on the ICU: current applications and pitfalls
M.C. Cloostermans,J. Horn, M.J.A.M. van Putten. Neth J Crit Care February 2013;17(1): 5-9
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The pharmacologic treatment of alcohol withdrawal syndrome in the ICU
D.P.F. van Nunen, D.H.T. Tjan. Neth J Crit Care February 2013;17(1): 12-17
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Case Reports
Trichoderma: an unusual bystander in invasive pulmonary aspergillosis
K. Ariese, L. Hulshoff, R. Jansen, P.H.J. van der Voort. Neth J Crit Care February 2013;17(1): 21-24
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Drug induced lung injury – a case of fatal bleomycin interstitial pneumonitis
S. van der Sar-van der Brugge, H. van Ravenswaay Claasen, L. Dawson. Neth J Crit Care February 2013;17(1): 25-29
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A rare cause of cardiac failure following transthoracic oesophagectomy
D.A. Wicherts, S. Hendriks, W.L.E.M. Hesp, J.A.B. van der Hoeven, H.H. Ponssen. Neth J Crit Care February 2013;17(1): 30-32
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Elevated liver enzymes and renal failure, with a surprising outcome. Two similar cases
A.E. Boendermaker, D. Boumans, R.A.A. van Zanten, H. Idzerda, H. van de Hout, Th.F. Veneman. Neth J Crit Care February 2013;17(1): 33-36
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Gastric dilatation and perforation due to binge eating: a case report
J.A.M. Heijneman, R. Tahmassian, T. Karsten, E.R. van der Vorm, I.A. Meynaar. Neth J Crit Care February 2013;17(1): 18-20
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Recommendations for the timing and dosing of CRRT in critically ill patients with AKI
H.M. Oudemans-van Straaten, C.S.C. Bouman, M. Schetz, A.B.J. Groeneveld, A.C. de Pont, A.M. van Alphen, H. de Geus, W. Boer. Neth J Crit Care February 2013;17(1): 10-11
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