Volume 29
Number 5
Nov 2021
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N.P. Juffermans, L. Heunks, P. Pickkers, A.J.C. Slooter, P. Hemelaar, M. van der Jagt, M. Brackel, L. Vloet, D. Gommers

The development of a research agenda is important for critical care medicine in the Netherlands in order to improve care for critically ill patients. Also, defining the most important research questions informs policy makers and funding societies. This manuscript describes the initiation of a research agenda for critical care medicine by identifying relevant knowledge gaps in the following domains: haemodynamic management, mechanical ventilation, infection, inflammation, neurology, post intensive care syndrome, ethics and artificial intelligence. A survey sent out to all NVIC members indicated that Dutch intensivists deemed research questions in all domains relevant, without a clear priority for a specific area of research. Consultation with patient representatives confirmed the importance of this list of research topics, adding themes related to outcome of critical illness, aftercare and relatives. In line with this, knowledge gaps were identified in the Dutch guidelines in every domain of critical care medicine. Taken together, a research agenda for critical care is needed and can cover research questions related to all domains of care.

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