Volume 27
Number 3
Jul 2019
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Case Reports
R. Verstraete, J. Germonpré, H. Lebbinck, L. De Bruyne, S. Verstraete, F. Clarysse

Blunt injury to the chest can affect all components of the chest wall and the thoracic cavity. Tricuspid valve insufficiency, however, is a rare cardiac complication following blunt chest trauma. Moreover, the prevalence of the condition may be underestimated due to subtle clinical symptoms. This may lead to a delay in treatment, and thus result in irreversible dilatation of the right cavities. Here we report a case of severe tricuspid valve insufficiency, caused by papillary muscle and chordal rupture secondary to blunt chest trauma from a horse kick, in a 61-year-old man. Surgery was required, consisting of papillary muscle reattachment and ring annuloplasty. In addition, we review the relevant medical literature regarding the diagnosis and treatment of traumatic tricuspid valve regurgitation.

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