Volume 26
Number 4
Sep 2018
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Case Reports
S.A.J.M. van Riel, A.J.R. Balthasar, S.M. Schalla, M.A. Siemonsma, W.N.K.A. van Mook

A 48-year-old healthy female underwent an uncomplicated right ovariectomy. Relaxation status was checked post-surgery. A train of four of 2 of 4 twitches was scored. At this point, 5000 μg of norepinephrine was erroneously administered instead of 2500 μg neostigmine along with 1000 μg of atropine. The postoperative period was complicated by pulmonary oedema, for which non-invasive mechanical ventilation was initiated in the intensive care unit. A transthoracic echocardiogram TTE revealed a left ventricular ejection fraction of 25%. One month after discharge, control TTE showed normalised systolic cardiac function.

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