Volume 13
Number 2
Jun 2009
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Case Reports
V van Bruggen, W Gielen, H Ponssen, A Voss, J Keijman

Objective: To report a case of a fast-developing sepsis in a patient infected with Pasteurella multocida. A 44-year-old, female presented with high-grade fever, drowsiness and complaining of a headache since the night before presentation at the emergency room. Shortly after being admitted to the intensive care unit the patient’s situation deteriorated. She became hypotensive and a chest x-ray showed progressive diffuse pulmonary oedema. Mechanical ventilation and inotropic support were started. P. multocida was isolated from blood cultures and from cultures taken from both of the patient’s cats. One of the cat’s isolates and the patient’s isolate were genotypically related.

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