Volume 17
Number 1
May 2013
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Prof. dr. A.B. Johan Groeneveld

From February 2013 onwards, the Netherlands Journal of Critical Care (NJCC) will be published by Van Zuiden Communications B.V. The journal will have a slightly different cover and layout. The editorial board is grateful for this opportunity to change publishers, put forward by the Dutch Society of Intensive Care, and hopes that it will represent a step forward in the professional growth of the journal. Obviously, we would like to express our gratitude towards Interactie BV and the managing editor Arthur van Zanten for their diligent help over the past ten years or so to raise the journal to international standards. The future is not without challenges, including the shaping of the website and online submission system and balancing the costs of publishing. While the transition may have resulted in some delays in handling manuscripts, the editorial staff is now fully prepared to receive and rapidly process interesting national and international papers. We welcome all high quality submissions.

This issue of the NJCC timely highlights important ICU issues such as ICU detection of severe infection by biomarkers and how they fit in antibiotic stewardship programmes. Life-threatening viral infections increasingly occur and necessitate mechanical ventilation in the ICU. In this respect, we can learn from our pediatrician colleagues how to handle these infections. And maybe non-invasive ventilation is not always appropriate after all. We have interesting case reports and a clinical image with unique findings.

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